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Arduino Nano V3.0

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Brand New, Arduino-compatible* Nano V3.0 with mini breadboard & USB cable & FREE shipping from the U.S., $19.99
-FREE Shipping by USPS, to the US only; international orders will be charged additional shipping cost
-Breadboards come in assorted colors
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-When it comes to Arduino, this little guy is my main workhorse.  Not only is it a fully capable Arduino compatible microcontroller development board, but it is also the perfect size!  I prefer these units over the Uno due to their small size and weight which makes them perfect for tight locations and flying vehicles.  Like the Uno, they use the Atmel ATmega328 microcontroller, run at 16Mhz, and operate at 5V.  By using jumper wires, the Arduino Nano can also be connected to any Arduino or Arduino-compatible shield, sensor, device, or add-on designed for the Uno, Leonardo, or other standard Arduino boards.  As I continue to develop my Arduino programming skills, I intend to use these on Radio-Controlled aircraft to read on-board sensors and record and/or transmit wireless telemetry data down to the pilot.  To date, I have done nearly all of my Arduino projects with this particular Arduino-compatible Nano V3.0 board, and I am very impressed with it!

-For general information on the Arduino Nano V3.0, please refer to the main Arduino Nano page here:
-To download the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software, go here:
-For additional information, tutorials, ideas, and links, see my blog post here: --many great links are at the very bottom. especially has some great Arduino lessons to get you started with this board! (See  In all lessons you can use this Arduino Nano in place of the Arduino Uno shown in the lessons.

-Arduino Nano V3.0-compatible
-ATmega328 microcontroller
-5V operating level

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) & Grounding, & Handling Notes:
-Never touch or handle the Arduino until first grounding yourself to the ground plane on the board, in order to avoid damaging the components by electrostatic discharge.  This can be done by touching the top of the USB plug on the board BEFORE handling the rest of the board.  Once you have done this, you have put yourself at the same voltage potential as the ground plane of the board, and you are safe to handle the rest of the board.  Do this EACH AND EVERY TIME you go to pick up the board to handle it.  
-Take care when removing the Arduino from the breadboard, if you choose to do so for whatever reason.  To remove the Arduino from the breadboard, you must gently and evenly pry around the edge of the board, lifting it a little at a time.  If you pull hard all at once it will likely pull one end of the Arduino out of the breadboard before the other end, causing the pins remaining in the breadboard to bend or possibly break.

For other things NOT to do, see the article "10 Ways to Destroy an Arduino," here:

Seller Notes:
-In order to reduce cost, conserve resources, and minimize impact to our environment, be informed that this product will likely come in re-used shipping envelopes and with re-used, recycled, or repurposed packing materials.  It will be packed well, however, and it will be enclosed in an electrostatic discharge (ESD)-safe envelope.
-Warranty:  In the rare event your item does happen to arrive defective, due to shipping or flaws I failed to detect during my testing, I provide a 30 day exchange warranty.  This warranty does NOT include damage due to neglect, abuse, misuse, short-circuiting, or other damage caused by you as the user.  

*Note, this board is not a genuine Arduino Nano V3.0, which is made by Gravitech (  However, due to the open-source nature of Arduino hardware, schematics, and software, this device is fully compatible with and practically identical to a genuine Nano.  It has nearly the same specifications, uses the same Atmel microcontroller, and is guaranteed to work as advertised.  One of the improvements of this board over the genuine Nano, however, is that it has a 1.0A linear voltage regulator, which can provide twice as much current as the 500mA linear regulator which comes on the genuine Nano. 

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